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Topographic database of the Czech Republic (Data200) - layer Terrain Relief

Product information
NameTopographic database of the Czech Republic (Data200) - layer Terrain Relief
Commercial codeCommercial code is not defined
Export unitCzech Republic
Unit priceNo charges
Export formatsSHP(JTSK)
Coordinate systemsS-JTSK / Krovak East North
Product descriptionTopographic Database of the Czech Republic (Data200) - layer Terrain Relief. The layer contains points with given elevation, contours, cave entrances, cliffs, escarpments, digital terrain model and shaded relief. The contours are derived based on 3D elevation Data50, basic contour interval 50 m, additional contours at intervals of 25 m are generated automatically. The digital terrain model is generated on the base of quoted points and contours: the contours and dimensions is derived triangular network (TIN) and that is subsequently created raster digital elevation model. The pixel size is 50 x 50 m. The shaded relief is derived on the base of digital terrain model with North-West lighting with angle of 45° and fivefold artificial vertical exaggeration. The pixel size is 50 x 50 m. The accuracy of the terrain relief is limited by the quality of contours that were generalised to the scale of Data200.
Update cycle - update state Whole dataset is updated once a year. Information about recency of individual features see the document Katalog Data200.
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Conditions applying to access and useTerms of trade
No charges
Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 License
Provided subject to the Terms of Use of the products provided as open data.
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