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Map of the Czech Republic at 1 : 500 000

The Map of the Czech Republic at 1 : 500 000 (MČR 500) is the base state map series and it is conceived as a synoptic general geographic map. It shows the entire territory of the Czech Republic on a single map sheet.

The MČR500 contains planimetry, spot heights, geographic coordinate grid, description and a map legend. Planimetry entails settlements, transportation highways, speedways and 1st class roads class, hydrology, state and regional boundaries, vegetation and land surface (forests). Altimetry describes height points. Map description consists of standardized geographic names, spot heights, map name and scale with colophon data and particulars of the graphic scale, textual description and marginal information (geographic coordinates) . Geographic coordinate map grid is divided into 1°. Except inter state administrative boundaries, the map shows contiguous areas which fall into territories of adjacent states.

Since 2007 the Map of the Czech Republic 1: 500,000 is processed by digital technology with exploitation of Fundamental Base of Geographical Data of the Czech Republic (ZABAGED®), database of geographical names of the Czech Republic – Geonames and EuroRegionalMap (ERM) data. Production and update of the Map of the Czech Republic 1: 500,000 is ensured by Land Survey Office.

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The MČR 500 is used as a navigation layer in viewing services on which you can find information in the Web services section.

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