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Aerial survey image - introduction

Aerial survey images are archived in analogue form in the Archive of Aerial Survey Images of the Military Geographical and Hydrometeorological Office (VGHMÚř) in Dobruška. Black and white images from 1936 to 2002 were taken by the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic, or its predecessors. Colour aerial survey images acquired from 2003 to 2010 in cooperation of the Czech Office of Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre (ČÚZK) with Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic (MO ČR) have been scanned into raster form.Digital colour images taken since 2010 in cooperation with ČÚZK and the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic are provided together with the images in the NIR band.

Aerial survey images are taken by central projection, they are not orthophotos. Therefore, these images cannot be used to direct measuring of positional relationships among displayed geographical objects. They can be used to measure positional relationships using special photogrammetric methods.

Aerial survey images document the condition and development of the landscape in individual localities.They can be used, for example, in building industry, reconstruction of the inicial landscape, for planning of territorial development, etc.

More information on aerial survey images and unpublished images can be found in e-mail:

From July 1 2021 the distribution of aerial survey images is provided centrally by the Land Survey Office (, including images not yet scanned.

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