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Permanent Stations for Positioning (CZEPOS)

Services of the Czech Network of GNSS Permanent Stations of the Czech Republic (CZEPOS) enable to users of the GNNS (Global Navigation Satellite systems) receivers substantially improve positional accuracy in the entire territory of the Czech Republic. Administration and providing of the CZEPOS services are assured by the CZEPOS Information System that is a part of the Information System of Land Surveying and belongs to Information Systems of Public Administration.

CZEPOS consists of 28 permanent stations situated evenly in the territory of the Czech Republic and further of 27 stations of foreign networks. All the stations perform 24 hrs daily accurate observations that are subsequently processed and provided to users in form of correction data.

CZEPOS is mainly used by owners of accurate geodetic GNSS receivers where it is possible to achieve centimetre to subcentimetre accuracy. The CZEPOS services may be generally used in all GNSS applications enabling processing of correction data including precise agriculture, geodesy, cadastre, or GNSS research.

The CZEPOS services are provided to all registered users against a fee according the current pricelist of the Land Survey Office.

CZEPOS is a part of fundamental geodetic control of the Czech Republic. CZEPOS stations create national reference frame of the European terrestrial reference system 1989 (ETRS89) on the territory of the Czech Republic.

CZEPOS is in operation since 2004. The CZEPOS services are permanently innovated according to development of modern technologies. CZEPOS is administered by the Land Survey Office.

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