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Detailed gravimetric quasigeoid QGZÚ-2013

Product information
NameDetailed gravimetric quasigeoid QGZÚ-2013
Commercial codeCommercial code is not defined
Export unitINSPIRE grid cell ETRS89-GRS80 level 1D
Unit priceNo charges
Export formatsBlz
Coordinate systemsETRS89
Product descriptionDetailed gravimetric quasigeoid QGZÚ-2013 represents a transformation surface enabling transformation between altitudes H in the Baltic Vertical Datum – After Adjustment (Bpv) and ellipsoidal heights h in the European Terrestrial Reference System 1989 (ETRS89) /realization ETRF2000/ above the rotating ellipsoid Geodetic Reference System 1980 (GRS80). Data content creates height anomaly zeta expressed in the nodal points of regular grid (3'' x 3'') of geographical coordinates ETRS89. Height anomalies implements own transformation relationship that has the form h = H + zeta. Total mean square error of height anomaly is on the territory of the Czech Republic 1 cm, in the mountainous terrain and in border areas (up to 10 km from the border) can reach higher values, but not more than 3 cm. Quasigeoid model was computed using combined regional solution of linear gravimetric boundary value task for the correcting gravitational potential of the Earth, with the significant contribution of complete revised dataset of detailed points of gravimetric mapping of the Czech Republic performed in the frame of geophysical mapping between 1950 – 2010, and with the other data. Model enables application in a variety of geodetic works. It is especially aimed at the performing local transformations of heights in the given locality, for the expression of heights measured with GNSS technology or in other geometric methods in Bpv, for the mutual transformation of terrain heights between ETRS89 and Bpv in the given locality, etc.
Update cycle - update state Detailed gravimetric Quasigeoid QGZÚ is updated by the Land Survey Office in stages from 2013 following the update and refine of the methodology and technology of calculations, update and precising data base of detailed gravimetric mapping of the Czech Republic, Fundamental Base of Geographic Data (ZABAGED) and of other data sources.
Conditions applying to access and useTerms of trade
No charges
Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 License
Provided subject to the Terms of Use of the products provided as open data.
Terms of use see Terms of trade Quasigeoid QGZÚ-2013 is aimed at performing local transformations in the given locality according to the dispensing units. For the transformation of heights in the frame of refined global transformation between ETRS89 and S-JTSK, there is quasigeoid CR-2005 obligatory - respective data file CR-2005_v1005.dat is available here:
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