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WMS view service - ZABAGED® (ZM10 Visualization)

Product information
NameWMS view service - ZABAGED® (ZM10 Visualization)
Commercial code Commercial code is not defined
Export unitNo export unit defined
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Product descriptionThe view service WMS-ZABAGED® (ZM10 visualization) is public view map service for viewing ZABAGED® data (including altimetry in the form of contour lines). It is on-line dynamic map service, which is published from vector data stored in a database. Hence, it is possible to work with individual layers. The WMS interface provides GetFeatureInfo operation, which enables WMS clients to query for attributes of ZABAGED® features. Cartographic visualization of the ZABAGED® features is based on the Base map CR 1:10,000 and therefore the service can be also used as a base map for creation of thematic maps. The service is intended for viewing from scale circa 1 : 10 000.
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ContactCzech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre, Srovnal Pavel, Mgr. , phone: +420 284 041 860 , e-mail:
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